What We Do

Rutz Consulting supports fast-growth SMEs to transform their customer service centre operations into powerhouse profit centres. Each instrument in an orchestra must perform in harmony to hit the right notes. We implement this ethos when delivering well-orchestrated operations that result in maximum lifetime customer value. Combining more than 20 years’ experience with a passion for processes and profits achieved through people, our bespoke consulting services help you to achieve incredible results.

First-Time Resolution Focused Teams + Well-Orchestrated Operations = Maximum Lifetime Customer Value

We Thrive On Excellence

Our vast experience has allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the challenges within the customer service centre industry. Leaving no stone unturned, we dig deep and create a customised programme of support with the aim of achieving operational excellence.

Multilingual Support

We speak your language, literally! Rutz Consulting offers unmatched multilingual domain expertise and is fluent in several languages. Drawing on our knowledge, we help multilingual teams understand cultural differences, enabling them to work together in harmony and fulfil their full potential.

Leading Innovation

We are passionate about the customer service centre industry. As thought-leaders and specialists in the area, we are continually seeking ways to champion, challenge and change the industry.

Our Clients