Helping You To Achieve Excellence

360 Degree Delivery Assessment

Specifically designed to explore operational practice across all departments in the customer service centre industry, our 360-degree assessment identifies opportunities while celebrating existing triumphs. By examining the results, we can determine priorities and provide transformational solutions for strategy development and programme delivery.

Strategy Workshops

Our strategy workshops and executive roundtables are tailormade to your customer service centres exact requirements. Let us help you to discover solutions by bringing your people together to define areas of improvement. Leaving no stone unturned, we dig deep to create a customised programme of support designed to achieve operational excellence.

Multilingual Support

Rutz Consulting offers unmatched multilingual domain expertise and is fluent in several languages. Only by truly understanding the unique needs of diverse cultures can you provide unrivalled customer support. Drawing on our knowledge, we help multilingual teams understand cultural differences, enabling them to work together in harmony and fulfil their full potential.

Programme Management

Our vast experience has allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the challenges within the customer service centre industry. We work alongside your staff to provide ongoing support from the planning stages through to implementation. Our team will execute your transformational programme and tap into our pool of subject-matter experts when required.

Bid Management & Bid Support

Rutz Consulting understands the intricacies of entering new markets and the importance of efficient processes that allow for a quick turnaround. We are known for our success in leading multilingual customer service centre set up deals and market entries. Tapping into our operational expertise will allow you to transition services with the right support in place.

Leap Training Academy

We are passionate about uncovering the potential within the contact centre industry, and our approach to operational excellence is a tried and tested method. Using Rutz Consulting’s exclusive LEAP framework, we deliver bespoke training and development programmes designed to transform people, process and profit.