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360 Degree Assessments

Specifically designed to explore operational practice across all departments in the contact centre industry, our 360-degree assessment identifies opportunities while celebrating existing triumphs. By examining the results, we can determine priorities and provide transformational solutions for strategy development and programme delivery.

Strategy Workshops

Our strategy workshops and executive roundtables are tailor-made to your contact centre's exact requirements. Let us help you to discover solutions by bringing your people together to define areas of improvement. Leaving no stone unturned, we dig deep to create a customised programme of support designed to achieve operational excellence.

Programme Management

Our vast experience has allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the challenges within the contact centre industry. We work alongside your staff to provide ongoing support from the planning stages through to implementation. Our team will execute your transformational programme and tap into our pool of subject-matter experts when required.

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What Our Clients Say

Bart-Hendrik Huisman
Bart-Hendrik Huisman Global Head of Customer Satisfaction - Signify

"Marianne has been driving our global consolidation and transformation of the customer support. Her rich experience in the contact center business has been extremely valuable in making the right choices during this period of transition. Most importantly, her personal passion for customers, doing the right things and doing the things right have been the key to succes. And of course her attention for the person behind the role is a trademark for Rutz consulting! Thanks Marianne for your contribution!!"

Brian Kennedy
Brian KennedyEuropean Customer Services Manager - Hertz

"It was my pleasure to work with Marianne to manage the Benelux and German Customer Relations Markets in the Hertz European Financial Services Centre . Marianne has a proven record in meeting deadlines and developing people within her team to provide quality service. "

Soumen Nag Choudhury
Soumen Nag ChoudhurySite Director, Lexmark Bangalore

Marianne and I worked together on a hardware support technical campaign which was going through some difficult times. I found Marianne passionate about her job and extremely hands on. She gets to the route of the issue quickly, thinks through the solution. She also implements the changes quickly, and as thoroughly as anyone I have worked with in this type of role. Marianne is also an very effective Leader. She does a good job of setting clear objectives. She supports her team members in achieving those objectives and rewards them for their accomplishments. She is a firm, but fair. Marianne’s support is a tremendous asset to any organization.

Lisa Dillon
Lisa DillonHR Business Partner - PayPal

"I worked with Marianne both in Hertz and Paypal and in each instance found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and dynamic while at all times considering the interests of the company, her team and colleagues. Marianne was very easy to work with as she understood the importance of the recruitment process and ensured that her decisions were well thought out and in line with business needs."

man sitting in front of table


We couldn’t have done this without Marianne’s expertise and relentless drive to put employees and customers first.

Luite van ZelstGlobal Vendor Manager
Success Story

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