The OpEx Show has reached 100 episodes!

This week we’ve reached our 100th episode on the Operational Excellence Show – and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself and my guests for having it made thus far!

When recording this episode, I couldn’t help reflecting on yet another year on this earth and another year in business. As part of this I went through some customer feedback but also reviewed what my team are saying about me. – One theme stands out: You are showing up! You demonstrate tenacity, discipline and love for your work! Wow – that’s awesome! It feels really good! But…. showing up and tenacity & discipline isn’t really very sexy – in fact it is hard work! Customer Service is hard work! But if you show up – you can literally impact thousands of customer service advisors, their families and the customers they serve! Think about that! If you were willing to show up for your business, if you were willing to show up for your customer service team, if you are willing to show up for your customers! Show up consistently – and it will absolutely transform your service delivery!

I’m on a mission to make customer service a better place! We have transformed 1000’s of CS advisors, band ambassadors or customer service agents lives through one small thing…. Showing up! 

This podcast is part of my showing up – with 100 Episodes recorded and over 10000 unique downloads! It has helped me to spread the word about what good customer service looks like! The Episodes have at least impacted 10000 listeners in 32 countries around the globe! It’s also  helped me to create a voice for thousands of customer service representatives and by extension their families and the customers they helped! Mind boggling really!