A Time of Change, a Time of Hope

This week was an amazing week for Rutz Consulting! Let me share with you what we did!

In our podcast “the Operational Excellence Show with Marianne Rutz”, I talked about 7 Steps to pivot your corporate life! Leaders from all over the world have to stop and think – and re-evaluate how things are done. Facts need to be established. Personal and family health takes priority over everything else. Keeping ourselves sane – a big topic. Work with the resources we have as best and as efficiently we can. Use time wisely! And build relationships.

Does this resonate with you? If so go and listen to show number 10.

The second big highlight of the week was and still is, Sandra Green’s Online Leadership Festival! I was honoured to be one of her speakers, talking about “Leading Remote teams and getting the results you need”. It was amazing to serve over 50 attendees – from all sorts of industries – not just the contact center world. If you have missed it – catch up here

The festival is still going strong next week! Join me and so many other inspiring experts using this link – there is so much to learn! And totally sales pitch free!

My guest in this week’s Podcast is Gregor Finlay – Executive Leadership Coach. I first met Gregor when I was a newly appointed Site Director for a 300 seat Contact Center outside Greater Manchester. I was chuffed to be promoted! But… totally out of my depth! So the firm kindly invested in me – by way of Leadership Coaching.

In difficult times like right now – getting the help of a coach can prove so valuable! Check out this week’s podcast here.

I hope you find these resources helpful. When things get tough – I see it as my responsibility as a leader to step up and GIVE support to you all of you! I see it as my duty to bring value.

Happy Easter