What went wrong?

If you don’t know your values – how do you know what’s right or wrong for your business?

Values are powerful words defining your core beliefs. They are there to guide you in your day to day activities and act as a framework for you.

Recently I ignored one of my core values – Clarity – and I took a piece of work based on recommendation. And guess what…

…..it went wrong. Why?

Clarity: Because I wasn’t clear on what the client really wanted me to do, I ended up doing something completely different than I thought I was hired to do.

This led to my next value being compromised:

Leadership: Because I didn’t stick to my framework, I ended up compromising it, which subsequently led to me getting more and more stressed out, working longer hours, constantly arguing my point, despite the fact that I was the expert in the field.

Which subsequently impacted on value number 3

Kindness: My serving attitude turned into “I must deliver no matter what” attitude.

Three of my core beliefs were compromised and the framework crumbled. If you are not clear about your personal values in business, you will fail. As simple as that.

What are you doing about your values?