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Interview For The IT Knowledge Management Podcast

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of joining Hans Luyts on his podcast – The IT Knowledge Management Podcast.

Hans is a  knowledge management consultant who works with IT managers who are tired of ineffective communication and knowledge utilization bottlenecking their team’s productivity. I have also had the privilege of knowing him for many years and he is truly a leader in his field.

On the show, I was passionate about sharing my experience within the Global Contact Centre Industry and specifically how companies can ensure they are embedding and considering local cultures into their service offerings. Back when I started to work on a Global Scale, it hit me that there is a cultural difference within every single European country, and it’s so important that firms are taking these into account. Cultural differences are so much more than a different language and it’s incredibly important this is recognised. You need to understand the culture you are serving and meet the requirement to connect with your customer.

From my first day serving Global Markets, I was hooked in ensuring this happened with anyone I worked with! So let me ask you these questions: – Have you identified a cultural difference?- Have you identified language differences? – Are you truly connecting with your customer? If you are serving the global market, please do tune into the episode with myself and Hans, you can catch up here:

If, following the episode, you have questions or potentially have identified areas in your Global Service Offerings that you think could be improved, please do not hesitate to reach out! It would be our pleasure to help you!’