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To successfully execute worldwide customer service delivery, Signify joined forces with Rutz Consulting to identify process improvements and omnichannel channel solutions tailored to a global audience.

Signify needed to simplify its customer service delivery from 40 locations and languages into three hubs in Enschede, Kuala Lumpur and San Juan. It presented challenges with costs, brand image and language shortages (predominantly minority languages).

Rutz Consulting was brought in as a subject matter expert to support Signify’s outsourcing partner with the delivery of the customer service hubs. Additionally, the Rutz Consulting team helped to identify process improvements and implement an omnichannel solution.

Signify now boasts over 40 languages supplied from three delivery centres rather than twelve in strategically placed locations to allow for growth. Additionally, Signify has seen an overall cost reduction and improved procedures. As an added bonus, its customer experience driven by digitisation resulted in Signify winning the industry award for digital transformation in 2020.

Do you want to find out more? We have a dedicated podcast with Bart-Hendrik Huisman, Head of Customer Satisfaction with Signify, where we discuss what it takes to set up a global operation, starting in Kuala Lumpur ending in Puerto Rico.

We couldn’t have done this without Marianne’s expertise and relentless drive to put employees and customers first.

Luite van ZelstGlobal Vendor Manager