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In need of streamlining procedures and its customer service delivery, Hertz enlisted our support to establish a shared services centre in Dublin, Ireland.


Hertz was offering customer service delivery from all countries in Europe, resulting in disjointed policies and procedures. Its widespread team was not cost-effective and proved a lack of flexibility in working hours, staffing, right seizing, and training.


Marianne  supported Hertz to set up a shared services centre in Dublin, which resulted in lower costs and the award of government grants providing favourable pricing for customers. Additionally, Marianne and her team implemented a recruitment drive, attracting native speaking staff and discovered opportunities for global process improvement.


Hertz now has custom-designed real estate housing over 3000 staff and management, a significant cost reduction and award-winning service delivery. Its process and programme improvements have resulted in new opportunities, and Hertz benefits from a PanEuropean recruitment strategy.



It was my pleasure to work with Marianne to manage the Benelux and German Customer Relations Markets in the Hertz European Financial Services Centre. Marianne has a proven record in meeting deadlines and developing people within her team to provide quality service.

Brian KennedyEuropean Customer Services Manager